Creativity and Innovation Management

Creativity can be defined as the generation of ideas and problem identification while innovation can be defined as the development, commercialization, and selection of new ideas.

In today's time when everything is measured in terms of success, people hesitate to try with new ideas due to the fear of disappointment, for fear of ridicule or for fear of losing their well set up career.

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Leaders since ancient time have used creative ideas to further their leads to; these leaders wrote the history of mankind and were always keen to welcome new ideas for the benefit for the whole of mankind.

 An innovator should constantly evolve him; this individual needs to have impressive ideas if he or she tries to survive on his old stereotypical image.

A leader should also encourage creativity. Any creative idea finds acceptance if it is able to make a significant contribution to a homeowner's life.

Creative ideas can be within the education research and technology, it could be in the field of arts and literature, it can be in the field of music and theatre; in fact, creativeness is determined by how deep a person can think.

Those industries that contain been progressive and appreciated creativeness have not only survived the onslaught of the time but today have become a behemoth. This is why great business leaders always valued creativeness and also have always encouraged it.

So an innovator should use their personal magnetism to spread hope and excitement within their team.