Defective Hernia Mesh- Know It’s Bad Complications

A hernia is a disease which most of the people are suffering from. This disease involves the bulging out of organ or body’s tissues abnormally from the medium of unusual opening.

Normally the intestines are found forming a budget or bulges in the body of the victims. Not only this when it gets severe then sufferers have to undergo intolerable pain and several other health complications.

So to cure this kind of disease in an effective manner the manufacturer Ethicon launched a product called ’physiomesh’ which was specially designed to cure the symptoms of the disease like  hernia.

This hernia mesh is used by doctors so bulkily during the hernia surgery to many numbers of victims in order to get sufferers to get rid of the painful disease called hernia.

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But the outcome of this mesh was totally different as instead of curing hernia this mesh was found defective as it has given rise to several other health complications in the body of victims and even cause the danger of death to some people.  

As this defective mesh was made up of polypropylene material and this kind of stuff is not found suitable enough for the human body.

So it caused many severe health complications to the body of the people who have undergone hernia surgery with this defective mesh.

And an Ethicon physiomesh lawsuit arises after observing any number of victims in order to get the claim to them against the manufacturers.

Let’s have a look on some of the severe complications occurred due to the defective mesh:

Severe pain and bleeding

The health complication like severe pain and bleeding is normally found with each and every individual who have this kind of mesh fixed in their body.


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Instead of getting relief the people have to suffer from intolerable pain and bleeding.

Obstruction of intestine

This is the complication which is found more commonly within the body of the sufferers. They have to lose the control over the movement of the bowel or intestines.

You can consult one of the physiomesh lawyers in order to get help in filing a case against the manufacturer of the product.