Factors To Consider Before Going To A Cosmetic Dental Surgeon

Cosmetic dentistry focuses on improving the aesthetic appearance and enhances one’s smile as well as the overall oral functions such as speaking and chewing. However, there are many reasons that may prevent us from having confidence in your smile. Deciding to enhance your smile or brighten your teeth can be life-changing and confidence boosting experience.

With a wide range of solutions for that dazzling white smile, there is never been a better time to give your smile a makeover with cosmetic dentistry. No matter if have discoloured, broken, crooked, missing or damaged teeth, dentists can sort all these things. However. there are many situations where cosmetic dental options may or may not be suitable for everyone, so you should also consider non-dental factors so that it will influence the perception of your smile.

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In this article, we will discuss the major non-dental factors to consider before going to a cosmetic dental surgeon in great detail.

  • Facial Height

People with long faces often have a narrow jaw. If you have a long face then this can have a profound impact on your upper arch that means there may be limited space for your upper teeth.

  • Facial Width

Your cheekbones width or upper jawbones is part of your framework of which your smile is perceived. But if you have a narrow face, the width may need to consider palatal expansion in order to achieve better facial balance and aesthetics.

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  • Lip Volume

Those with thin or tight lips may show excessive amounts of their teeth when smiling. This is important when planning your cosmetic dental surgery.

  • Smile Line

Related to your lip volume, people whose lips don’t cover their teeth or lift too highly need to consider the smile line.

  • Age

Generally, age will impact the tenseness of our lips and cheeks. As we grow older, more of our bottom teeth begin to show and the height of the face generally decreases. It is important to reach a result that both suits your age and addresses the goals that you want out of your smile.

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All of these factors are need to be taken into consideration by your dentist before a cosmetic dental treatment can be applied. Check out here to learn the cost of cosmetic dentistry so that you can chase your dream smile in a short time.