Growing Marijuana Indoors With Natural Light

Most articles and books about growing cannabis discuss methods of cultivating plants indoors under artificial lights or planting outdoors. But there are alternatives to growing marijuana indoors with natural light. You can check about growing marijuana plants via

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Porch and window sills, glass roofs and translucent roofs, greenhouses and sloping buildings are all views of the park that allow for the planting of natural light. Any area that can supply plants with five hours of direct sunlight during the peak of the growing season (June / July) can support strong growth and healthy and fertile plants.

When cannabis does not get enough light, it will grow elongated stems and small leaves. Natural light, even though properly placed windows, will produce full hairy shoots.

Planting marijuana indoors with natural light is easy and requires very little equipment – just a container, a mixture of planting and fertilizer. Choosing or gathering the right fertilizer is the key to growth, and can be read further in the cannabis soil guide. The search for the same can be done online. 

Although most natural light gardeners plant only a few plants, the plants can be grown fairly well in the greenhouse, under the ceiling, and in large windows.

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