How Event Management affects the Tourism Industry?


Event management in short is all about spreading messages on the wide scale and connecting with different people. When it comes to tourism, it isn’t a part of event management. However, traditional tourism practices are now getting older and many companies are shifting to event management companies to gain some traffic. This makes event management important for tourism industries in a lot of positive ways. So, how does event management affects the tourism industry? Here’s how.

  • Social and Cultural Impacts –The relationship between tourism and event management has changed from the traditional time of people gathering food from their agricultural land to hosting larger events for companies and government. Event management has grown a lot where tourist companies are depending on them to grow their business.
  • Economic Impacts –Event management has grown so much that many individuals are getting jobs along with having a massive impact on the economy of a country. For example – many popular sporting events along with Olympic Games has helped hosting countries economy to grow marginally well.
  • Political Impact – With the introduction of new political powers, products, capitalism, social relations along with change in modern life has allowed event management’s versatility to grow in a number of beneficial ways. Moreover, politicians engage events to attract tourists and improve tourism.
  • Environmental Impact – During the 20th Century, event management and other management industries to decline. This happened due to an event called discretionary income where the rich consumers became powerful and they were the only who ones who could afford. This allowed the consumers to focus more the fundamental and peripheral needs that led to serious impact on the environment. However, that changed when few societies came together to shift their focus of attention by introducing alternative energies that lead to the protection of the environment.

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