Muslim Women Eye Make Up

They are really beautiful to look at are they not? If you know how to apply them to your eyes then maybe you could look decent. But unless you have some kind of talent for that then you are probably just equivalent to a kid putting watercolor over your own face. Make up is everywhere around the world but it certainly is a little different if it is Muslim women eye makeup.

If you are not someone who likes to make up then that is also understandable. Us too, when we were a bit younger, were really disdainful with makeup and to women who really like putting them on. Especially when they had been a kid around fourteen.

It is one thing to be so in love with cosmetics if you are already an adult and out of school, but what the heck is up with CHILDREN wearing them? And to school? You go to school for studying and hanging out with friends, not to slut around while looking like a clown.

We are not really sure what their aim was when they put on so much of them and walk around the campus. We suppose it was so they could show off to the boys at school or something. How deplorable. And at a really young age too.

We understand if it was done during college years, and even then it still is a disgusting hobby to strut around looking like a prostitute form the red district, but to be doing it when you are clearly underage and at a school too? Wow. How low can you get? What kind of aim were they getting at? It makes us laugh how hard they were trying.

And then they even got pregnant really early. Not to be that guy but they really have no other agenda than top just spread their legs for anyone with a sort of interest, huh? Well, whatever. We are here to discuss the cosmetics to people who actually know what they are doing.

This is for professional reasons, even when we really do not like wearing them, we have to so we do not look like we just woke up and decide to go to work in that kind of look. It is also kind of required in some workplaces. Some of them would actually tell you to wear some kind of makeup even if it is only a little, so it will not scare the customers when they see your face.

Or something of the like. This mostly stems from the ones who need to do a lot of customer services. They have to look somewhat presentable or something because you need to be able to smile at your customers when you will be talking to them.

If not then you would probably be sent to the rear where you will not be facing anyone but have a lower income. And by the way? Being in the customer service department is really not as easy as everyone makes it look. Do you have any idea how hard it is to smile all the time and pick up the courage to talk to people?