The Value of Reproduction in Dairy Farming

One of the complex thing in any business is how to get the most bang for your every buck? When it comes to the cattle farming industry, there are many aspects that one needs to study in order to expand his business & establishing effective management.

You need a well planned & organized working model to work on how to use your existing resources to improve the reproductive performance and lifting indicators of profit returns. One of the great ways to achieve this goal is implementing automation in your cattle raising a business.

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Implementing automation is beneficial in many ways:

Economic benefit

Having a great number of cattle gives you more days in milk. This not only gives you a massive increase in your business revenue but worth your existing resources. As, more cows in-calf gives you more choice when it comes to discretionary culling, allowing you to improve the BW and asset worth of your herd over time.

Social benefit

The advanced testing method & valuable expert advice, help you in improving the health and safety of your herd. This will lead to getting more & more business opportunities.

Another important benefit is getting a positive reflection on animal welfare. The healthy and capable animals are vital to good reproductive performance, therefore, a lift in your repro performance can be an indicator your herd’s wellbeing has improved also.

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Environmental benefit

Reduced environmental impact – improved reproductive performance allows you to do more with less. Selecting for better-performing cows enables you to have fewer cows which should reduce emissions of nitrogen and methane.

Legal benefit:

Last but not least is legal compliance.  Policies such as those in the Animal Welfare Act 1999 require owners of animals and persons in charge of animals to attend to physical, health and behavioral needs of animals. High level of compliance with such policies can be achieved as a result of working toward high reproductive performance.

For this, reason there are many organizations serving farmer across the world how to manage and improve their business reproductive system. You may read this additional article in order to learn some more information on cattle management.