The Coconut Oil Miracle

The coconut tree is by far the most amazing thing on this planet. Coconut oil is used to make food for thousands of years. In Sanskrit, it is known as the “tree that supplies everything to live”.

Interesting fact about coconut tree is that it matures at about thirteen years and die somewhere around 80-90 year old, just like the human. Coconut is deeply nutritious. The water has been used as a blood transfusion in WWII.

The most nutritious aspects of the coconut are the fat or oil. Coconut oil is packed with medium chain fat and many fatty acids that make it a powerful antiviral, antiparasitic and anti-microbial super product. Virgin coconut oil for hair is effective for healthy and fabulous hair growth.


You should get your coconut oil from a reputable source. As there are many companies that use high heat extraction and solvents to extract oil, which make it an unhealthy superfood. The Ultimate superfoods use a centrifuge, low heat extraction process that ensures that it is raw, enzyme-rich with no rancid acids.

Also, make sure that organic oil is free from pesticides and chemicals. It has a quick healing response in case of acne, burns, and irritations. You can also check for best organic coconut product on sale at Health and Harmony.


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Inside the body, coconut oil:

Boosts up your metabolism, helping the thyroid and the waistline

  • Fights infections
  • Beats back viruses
  • Improves all your cholesterol numbers
  • Works to control blood sugar and improve insulin secretion, great for diabetics
  • Helps handle irritable bowel syndrome
  • Makes it easier for your body to absorb nutrition
  • Assists in preventing liver, kidney and gallbladder disease

Outside the body, coconut oil:

  • Protects getting infections from airborne toxins
  • Makes a fabulous moisturizer
  • Improves the condition of your scalp. Massage it well, wait a while, then shampoo
  • Softens skin
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Removes bacteria from your hands without harsh, toxic chemicals

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