All About Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are a beautiful and durable choice for kitchen countertops for most discriminating homeowners. These amazing slabs of stone could withstand acid rain, however using these as countertops requires a bit of work first.

The existence of granite countertops starts at the quarry. Giant blocks of granite have chipped from a mountain to be shipped to the mill. You can pop over to online resources and find out more information about marble and granite fabricators.

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Granite bits are measured and then specialists drill holes so volatile cables could be inserted and put off to different the pre-measured segments in the mountain. The large blocks are then cut into a little more manageable dimensions (roughly ten feet long, five feet broad, and five feet high). These smaller cubes weigh well over 45,000 lbs each.

The mill begins the job using a procedure referred to as'slabbing'. Employing a gang-saw, which may reduce the bocks into bits less than just two inches thin, the granite blocks are cut into cubes. Water is sprayed while cutting the blocks into slabs, so the blades will not over-heat. It may take around 3 times to make slabs from a massive block of granite.

High gloss granite countertops have to pass all twenty polishing heads while moderate gloss countertops just pass through the initial ten polishing heads. There are a few slabs which don't encounter polishing, most especially those utilized for non-flooring.