The Basic Difference Between JUUL VS MYLE

Whether you Are Considering making the transition from Conventional Smokes to e-cigarettes, or if you've Already Been vaping for a while, but are Thinking of switching your Apparatus, You Will Find two Amazing ones you May Want to try: JUUL and MYLE

The use of both JUUL and MYLE Pods are almost the same but here are some basic differences between the two.

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It looks like a conventional cigarette; it is far more enjoyable and fashionable.

In addition they hold about.7 ml of e-juice and possess a nicotine amount of approximately 5 percent. Simply pop from the pod of your selection and you are all set to go. The power of this battery is 200mAh, which may last you the whole day or a couple of hours, depending on how many times you use it.

Using a JUUL, you're going to receive approximately 200 puffs per gallon, and that means you're going to have the ability to enjoy vaping to get a nice quantity of time until you need to replace the pod.


MYLE is more than JUUL; it has only existed since 2016. Their duty is to make alternatives to conventional smokes while preserving the exact same amount of satisfaction. It includes some of their most innovative vaping technology, allowing for an exceptionally smooth puff. Much like JUUL, MYLE additionally has a very slick and contemporary design.

 It had been and has been created in Italy and attributes and features a number of the most innovative technologies. Like JUUL it comes with a bottom compartment which holds the battery and a top compartment which holds the e-juice pod and functions as the mouthpiece. MYLE pods also come in a large choice of flavors, such as strawberry, Cubano tobacco, cherry, mint, and grape mint.