The Useful benefits Of Multi-Panel  Drug Testing Kits

The recent study by the World Health Organisation (WHO) has stated that the increase in drug abuses cases has been increasing with every passing year.

And this leads to any country think towards this. Drugs are emerging as one of the most severe threats to the human race. People especially children below 21 age find this as a part of their lifestyle. This is the reason that every country emphasizes drug detection & prevention methods to save people lives from jaws of this danger.


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If you are hunting for a website to buy drug test in bulk, consider the registered website which is permitted to sell drug testing kits to ensure the quality of drug testing equipment.

Drug Testing kits are normally found in cup & stripes forms. They are classified into two categories

  • Single Panel Drug Testing Kits
  1. Multi-Panel Drug testing kits

Single panel drug testing kits as its name suggest reliable to detect any particular drug abuse in person given specimen.

Whereas, multi panel drug testing kits can produce results for many drugs at the same time. Some of the famous multi panel drug testing kits are:

The numerical digit stands for the number of drugs that can be detected.


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Some of the major advantages of multidrug testing kits are listed below:

Easy to use

You even don’t require to take help for any other person or to visit any drug testing lab where you have to pay a great amount. Drug tests can be used at home, all you need to do is to dip the drug stripes in your urine sample for a given specified time. It can produce the respective result within a couple of minutes.

Quick result  & Inexpensive

The easily available drug test are very affordable and can produce results in quick time. It takes hardly 5-10 minutes to detect intake of drugs.

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