Things To Look For While Installing Your Granite Countertop

If you want to install brand new granite countertop you have to make sure that everything is precisely done the way you would like it. The installation procedure of a granite countertop is an extremely labor-intensive endeavor also takes a high degree of precision and abilities.

If you have hired the top stone countertop fitting service in Long Island but still your existence play a huge role as you've got specific preferences and suggestion to ensure the reduction of mistake rate.

Before the granite is unloaded from the truck confirm that the granite countertop they're installing is well polished; also make sure you check it is the right color and layout.

Confirm that the home ventilation was switched off to reduce movement of dust particles.

In addition, you should be certain that the installer has disconnected your electrical, gas and plumbing system prior to the installation start particularly if it's a tear from this old countertop.

Check to find the wiring system won't be blocked when the granite countertop is set up. Be certain the entire movable and removable appliance such as drawers was eliminated and cover the remainder of the decor and furniture with vinyl or a sheet of fabric to protect them from dust.

After the job was finished the guide installer will inspect the setup with you and you want to be quite keen and ask a query in which you believe you require clarification.