Why Toric Contact Lens Manufactured By Acuvue Oasys Are Best For Astigmatism?

People suffering from astigmatism has to face the problem of blurred vision. However, with the advancements in the medical field today it is possible for such patients to see clearly with the help of contact lenses. It is essential that you must only use the branded ones such as ‘Kjolberg contact lenses’ (better known as KjĂžlberg kontaktlinser in the Norwegian language).

You can find various types of contact lenses designed for astigmatism such as the weekly, monthly disposable lens, soft lens, toric lens etc. it depends on the patient’s condition and requirements that which type of contact lens is appropriate. To get help in deciding that it is best to contact a professional ophthalmologist.

In case you wish to get the lens which is suitable for prolonged wear and you are suffering from dryness and discomfort from your present eye contacts, then you should absolutely choose ACUVUE Oasys toric contact lens. This type of contact lens is manufactured especially to fulfill the needs of astigmatism patients.

The manufacturer of this contact lens is Johnson and Johnson which is a world-renowned firm. These are disposable and can be worn for 1 or 2 weeks with daily cleaning. The ‘Acuvue Oasys contact lenses’ (better known as Acuvue Oasys kontaktlinser in the Norwegian language) are fabricated with the use of an advanced silicon polymer compound called Hydraclear Plus.

It is a very moisture rich substance found inside and outside of each lens. The makes the wearer experience a silky, super-smooth feel every day and night that the lenses are worn. Also, these are quite breathable, which is extremely critical for any extended wear eye contacts. Another vital thing is that these lenses also provide almost complete protection against UV rays.

Besides this, you may look at this site to get some life-saving tips on what kind of rules you need to follow whilst using contact lense if you are suffering from dryness in your eyes. These rules should absolutely be followed so as to avert any sort of severe damage to the eyes.